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There are plenty of examples exercising on how to create a dynamic rows and how to create a field that controls visibility of other fields. However, there is no example that combines both of them.

I assume that if you’re looking for a solution that fits this description, you already know how to setup dynamic rows. Thus, I’ll omit this part for the sake of simplicity.


Dynamic rows component with fields which visibility is controlled by the type input. One field is a standard text field, another is a htmlContent field.

Let’s assume that we have a Dynamic Rows component…

A city that has a typo in it’s name

Your client requested you to store invoices as PDFs. Customers, especially guests, must have a way to access their invoices without viewing My Account dashboard. Links protected from traversing. This is a perfect case for hashes as identifiers for the requested invoice.


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When I was starting my adventure with programming I thought I was a genius that could outsmart everyone out there. As a teenager I was like: “I know C++, how to display 3D models in OpenGL and enliven them with vibrant shaders. Who’s gonna stop me?”

Then when my ‘real commercial experience‘ began, life verified my skills. Beloved work turned into a flat job. I’ve started implementing bugs, some of which were very trivial like function missing return value (sic!) — it took me a while to discover code generation capabilities for my IDE. Do you feel burned out working…

Soapberry bugs

Yes, I’m guilty of using logger in code for debugging requests. Sometimes we are so exhausted that we don’t use proper tools and we choose mentally-easy but time consuming path. ‘Why waste time learning this if I won’t use it anymore‘. Sounds familiar? How disastrous is this mindset.

All right let me quickly introduce this case: GraphQL is now a fancy replacement for REST and is beloved by frontend developers for it’s strict typing and flexibility of data retrieval. In our system architecture we wanted to have one, independent API. Independent of services under the hood which provide data for…

Elixir and Cldr logo
Elixir and Cldr logo
Elixir + Cldr

Today, I’ll show you how quickly and easily add support for ISO localization in Elixir. My app is named Bazaar, so you should rename all occurrences of Bazaar with your’s app name.
In the mix.deps file add dependencies for:

defp deps do
{:ex_cldr, "~> 2.0"},
{:ex_cldr_numbers, "~> 2.0"},
{:jason, "~> 1.0"},
{:gettext, "~> 0.11"}

We are using Cldr for localization with Cldr.Numbers for numbers and currency formatting and Jason lib for JSON decode/encode. Also, gettext lib is required by Cldr for additional locale support.
Download and compile dependencies:

mix deps.get && mix deps.compile

Configure Cldr lib:


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A non-related intro

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining directly on my screen through the window so I have to shut the curtains. Sometimes when I feel stuck I do watch poor drivers fighting for each square inch of the trapezium-shaped parking lot. Another time there is an ambulance locked behind parking barrier desperately roaring with horns like wild wolf caught in a trap. This reminds me of my e-commerce project based on Magento platform where we with my great team have encountered many performance related challenges. One of these challenges were…


You can ignore them, sweep them under…

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